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Can dogs eat shrimp?

Can dogs eat shrimp?

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You might be wondering if your dog can eat shrimp. The quick answer is yes, but like most other questions about what your dog can eat, it comes with a few caveats. First, let’s talk about how you can feed your dog shrimp.

If you are cooking shrimp you can feed those to your dog. Shrimp are full vitamin B12, niacin, phosphorus, and anti-oxidants. Vitamin B12 is great for your dog’s gastrointestinal health. Niacin, also known as vitamin B3, is required for proper enzyme function and energy production, fat production, blood circulation, chemical signals, and many other processes. Phosphorus is necessary for healthy bones, and antioxidants help fight free radicals and can reduce brain aging.

Shrimp contain very little fat, calories, or carbohydrates but shrimp are high in cholesterol. So be mindful of this as you feed your dog shrimp, don’t go overboard.

Raw, uncooked shrimp may be hazardous to your dog, the same as humans. Also, remove the shell, as shrimp shells are a choking hazard and can cause obstructions.

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