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Can cats eat cheese?

Can cats eat cheese?

can cats eat cheese

Can cats eat cheese? Yes, unless they are lactose intolerant. Even then, they may be able to eat small amounts of hard cheese. If want to see if your cat is interested in eating cheese it is best to give them hard cheeses, like cheddar, Swiss or Gouda. Cheese is high in calcium and protein so it can make for a good snack for your cat.

Milk, yogurt, cheese contain lactose and are not necessary for a balanced diet for cats. Like humans, cats can be lactose-intolerant and have may have irritable bowel syndrome from eating cheese. If your cat has any issues after eating cheese you should not give them cheese or milk because of their reaction to lactose.

You may find that your cat can easily manage small amounts of hard cheeses like cheddar, swiss or gouda because they contain much less lactose than the fluid milk because fermentation and other processes break down the lactose. Also, cottage and cream cheese only contain about 1 to 3 percent lactose.

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